Priority Referral Program

The Priority Referral Program is intended to meet the recruitment-related needs of transplant professionals in training, as well as established transplant professionals. In the past four years, over 1,500 people have joined the Program.

The Priority Referral Program is a means to act when a career move is indicated, without compromising one's current position. Even under the best of circumstances, many professionals need assistance in managing their careers. They're looking for advice and representation.

Athletes, actors, writers, speakers, directors, producers, and recording artists turn to talent management agencies to meet their needs. The UNRTP serves as the functional equivalent for transplant professionals but, unlike a talent agency, there are no fees to individuals for our services.

The primary issue is having an inside track on what could be a very worthy opportunity, while minimizing the risk of making a critical mistake. The Priority Referral Program explores your options for you without disclosing your identity until you're convinced you want to move ahead.

If you would like assistance, please contact Dr. Evans to become a member of the Priority Referral Program. Again, there is no cost to you, and we assure absolute confidentiality.