Dr. Roger W. Evans and the Media

Over the years I have had the privilege, and the pleasure, of participating in various forms of mass media programming, including television and radio appearances. On multiple occasions I have appeared on 60 Minutes. I have been a guest on virtually every morning news show, including ABC, CBS, and NBC. I have also appeared on various "talk shows" concerning a variety of health care topics.

I debated Richard D. Lamm when he was Governor of Colorado on at least two occasions concerning the issue of health care resource allocation and rationing. As many people will recall, Lamm, when commenting on terminally ill elderly people, indicated that they have a "duty to die and get out of the way" instead of trying to prolong their lives by artificial means. This comment proved to be controversial, although it was often take out of context.

In addition, I have filmed a number of health care educational segments with CNN. Many of these were directed by Gary Schwitzer when he was at CNN from 1983-1991.

I have also made important contributions to the print media. Writers for Science (Jocelyn Kaiser, Gina Kolata), the New York Times (Lawrence Altman, Gina Kolata, Sheryl Gay Stolberg), the Washington Post (Spencer Rich, Don Colburn), the Wall Street Journal (Michael Waldholz, David Wessel, Ron Winslow), the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg News (Glenn Thrush), and various other regional publications have, over the years, consulted me for an independent point of view, and an objective analysis of major health care issues.

I am recognized as a resource person for many publications. This means I am not always cited in an article. Often writers are looking for help in trying to frame or structure a particular story on a given issue. I offer them advice, and make suggestions as to whom they might want to interview, even if the persons I identify take positions that might conflict with my own.

In recounting my experiences with the mass media, I do not intend to overstate the significance of my role. However, I do take great pride in my ability to take very complex health care issues, and decompose them in a manner that is very understandable. I believe this is one of the reasons media persons often consult me. I take this role seriously, and I do not abuse a privilege I have come appreciate and enjoy.

When limiting my attention to transplantation, I am available to discuss or comment on the following topics:

More generally, I am available to comment and consult on various issues related to my areas of expertise. For each of the areas listed, I have published one or more papers in the peer reviewed literature.