Search Types

There are two types of searches and search firms - retained and contingency.

In a retained search, the search firm partners with the client in an exclusive relationship. Both parties are committed to a process that is intended to achieve the best possible result. Mutual trust is essential. Quality is the primary consideration. The search itself is labor-intensive, and often time consuming. The client pays the search firm a portion of their fee up front and continues to do so as the search process unfolds. All UNRTP searches are retained.

In a contingency search, the search firm assumes all the risk, with little if any commitment on behalf of the client. The search firm presents the client with either curriculum vitae or resumes for candidates they can identify in hopes the client will eventually hire one of the candidates they have identified. Quality is a secondary consideration. Filling the position is the sole objective. The client pays the search firm only if they hire one of the candidates the firm presented. For obvious reasons, the UNRTP does not conduct contingency searches.