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Transplant Program/Center Evaluation

Transplant programs and their associated centers are organizationally complex. The multi-disciplinary challenges and issues they face are often more vexing than those confronted by other disease-specific entities. Objective programmatic review by an expert can address these matters. We provide this service.

The expectation that academic health centers will be profitable often calls into question time-honored academic pursuits. People have varying perspectives on the relative importance of patient care, research, education, and public service. Controversy is unavoidable, and impassioned debate is inevitable.

Frequently, in the traditional academic setting, there is tension between the medical school, its associated departments and divisions, and the hospital or medical center proper, which, increasingly, is an independent business enterprise. Consensus can be difficult to achieve.

Conflicts often ensue, some of which are attributable to organizational ambiguity, while others underscore the untoward consequences of dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics. This is to be expected. Programs and centers evolve over time. Personnel may become misaligned with objectives, thus lacking fit.

Person-environment fit is the critical concept. People must have a clear affinity with the environment in which they are expected to work, but little effort often goes into determining if such a fit truly exists. Although unintentional, convenience recruiting may further complicate matters.

Integration and alignment are essential, with structure complementing function. Meanwhile, personnel should be clear with respect to institutional mission and organizational strategy. In turn, recruitment should be planned and deliberate, not casual and haphazard. Profound long-term costs accompany myopia.

We take a broad perspective with respect to the evolution of organizational entities, the resolution of interpersonal conflict, and the recruitment of personnel. We use a variety of methods to address ambiguity and dysfunction with the goal of achieving harmony.